Frequently Asked Questions

How the art features work ?

when you contact us via email/contact form/instagram then we need you to provide high quality photos of your artwork(s), title, description, medium and any other details available. you need to send these details to our official email address so once you send the info we'll review it and if it looks good then we'll feature it on the website.

What are the conditions for featuring artwork ?
  • The artwork photo(s) submitted should be minimum of 1080px, plain or white background is preferred, make sure that there is no noise on the photo, shoud have good enough lighting, no other objects are placed around artwork and it should be aesthetically pleasing. if the artwork photo(s) meet these requirements then there are higher chances of going viral.

  • Artists agree that their images and information may be posted on this website and shared on social media channels, and that Abstractfull will not pay for the artist’s images and information submitted/emailed.

  • Artists must verify that their images and information posted is correct and contact us of any correction or change. Also, artists must contact us to have their image(s) and information removed any time.

  • Artists may send us a link of their personal website or store to be posted. The url link must be active, up and running, and free of malware, bugs and viruses. If for some reason, we detect that the link is broken or contain a malware, bug or virus, we have the right to remove the link and/or image. in case an artist don't have a website we can still place their artwork on

  • Artists understand that Abstractfull does not sell artwork and is not an agent or publisher, and any inquiries from third parties about the purchase or use of their images will be passed on to the artists.

  • Abstractfull will not trade, rent or sell the artist’s images with any third party and reserves the right to approve, remove and determine the appropriateness of the images and information posted on this site.

Do you sell the originals or prints from this website ? does not sell artwork. This site is intended to promote the art and the artist. If you are interested in purchasing the artwork, we'll connect you with artist directly.