I say this about all, but I mean it when I say ‘This is My Absolute Favourite to date!’


I let my Hands tell the Story on this one! Sometimes you find Yourself in a Time where you’re just Streaming through Life, Not Knowing Why, How or even Where, You just Keep Going and Going without Stopping or Thinking what the End Destination is that your Sailing Towards or Where it’ll Take You ✨


Without Realising, thats Exactly what my Hands did, they kept Going and Created a Piece (originally in Portrait Form) where I Stopped and Stared at the End Result, Until I rotated the Art into Landscape only then my Eyes could See a Ship Streaming to the Unknown at a Time of Twilight! Just Amazing ✨


  • Details

    Title : TWILIGHT

    Size : 20 x 16”

    Medium : Acrylic Painting

  • Contact for Price

    To know the price and other queries just email us at igabstractfull@gmail.com or DM us on Instagram