Size : 40 x 30 x 1.5 inches


    Medium : Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas, Pastel, Spray paint, Glossy epoxy resin finish


    About the artwork :
    Imagine yourself as a magnetic person who is ALWAYS attracting great experiences, unlimited opportunities and good news. Believe you are naturally blessed all the time... And so be it!Change the way you show up in life and watch as the universe responds by bringing you new opportunities, people and adventures you never knew existed: Life is waiting!Pour yourself a Vanilla Scotch Soda. Take a deep, full body inhale and sip it like you are WORTH it!It’s only through embodying and fully experiencing (through a somatic expression of your emotions) that you will know your peace and your power. You can’t think your way into embodiment-- you have to BE it.Believe you are naturally blessed all THE time... And so be it.This is the philosophy of ‘Vanilla Scotch Soda' 

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